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INFJ's and Authority

  1. When it comes to authority, or “The Man,” everyone has a different outlook. Because authority plays a role in literally everything we do, it’s important to understand how you respond to it; why; and the specific strengths, challenges, and opportunities that come with your response. Here, we define authority as a person or organization who has power or control in a sphere or administration.

    Authority isn’t something that INFJ's strive for, nor is it something they always trust. People of this type try to create an environment of trust, sharing, and communication; anything else would be considered sub-par.

    Research suggests that Advocates (INFJ's) are likely to struggle with authority because they:

    • Believe that power usually corrupts those who wield it.
    • Are much more likely to be democratic than authoritarian leaders.
    • See being liked by others as much more rewarding than being powerful.
    • Avoid leadership roles, as they may fear seeming inadequate (and may not want to be responsible for another person’s choices).
    • Believe that most people in power don’t deserve to be there.
    • Are unlikely to enjoy being in a position of authority.
    The issue for Advocates is that they believe no one should hold power over others. That’s not to say that they don’t see the value in clear hierarchies, but they may wonder just how better off the world would be if more people were like them.

    Pursuing Gentle Leadership

    Although they avoid the spotlight, look to Advocates when you need someone who will fight for a cause. With their empathy, warmth, and passion, Advocates can learn and grow if they:

    • Inspire those around them regarding a cause they truly care about.
    • Accept more leadership roles. Advocates are often touted as humble leaders, unstoppable when it comes to something they love, but first they have to get out of their own way.
    • Understand that people can take power without being corrupted and that sometimes efficiency may trump all else.
    How do you feel about authority or taking an authoritative position? Are you constantly challenging the system, or do you put your faith in the existing power? Does power really corrupt?

    Source: 16personalities/INFJ



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  1. robert
    I have a big problem with authority, mainly because I see how corrupt authority can get, As far as having authority, I don't want it, but I have it. My fear is that my sense of justice and wanting to change the world that I live in will flip me to the dark side in order to fulfill my vision of the future. I don't want to be another Hitler.
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  2. Rycka
    I don't like those that are in position of power, however, if they lead well and mean good then I have nothing against that. I simply dislike authoritive leadership.
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  3. Misadventure
    I see infj's either on one end or the other. They either totally respect authority or have complete disdain for it
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    1. Lees
      As an INFJ, I feel that is often the case for us., but I'm not like that. I know that authority is important in keeping order, but I also really hate the idea of having someone in charge of people who aren't necessarily looking out for their best interests. If I could trust that said leader was an exceptional one with a solid moral compass, I might feel differently.
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  4. Chiwhtsx
    Fight the Power! Lol
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