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MBTI INFJ Dealing with Uncertainty

  1. Global events over the past year or so have created a seemingly endless amount of uncertainty, fear, and frustration. While we will avoid focusing on any specific events (honestly, there are too many to address), we do want to use this opportunity to discuss the role that our personality types may play in how we deal with the challenges created by uncertainty.

    The fear, lack of control, and stress that accompany uncertainty affect each personality type differently. As an Advocate (INFJ), you are likely to face certain challenges and opportunities, also sharing them with other personalities in the Diplomat Role group. Let’s review some examples below.


    Unlike their similarly visionary yet more utilitarian cousins, the Analysts, Diplomats are less confident in their abilities to deal with stress. And one thing that uncertainty undoubtedly creates is stress. Our research shows that Diplomats are the most likely types to:
    • Feel that they cannot handle stress effectively
    • Believe that when things start going wrong they keep going wrong
    • Feel as though they are often overwhelmed by life
    • Spend a lot of time thinking about their past actions or choices
    • Feel anxious if they have several equally good options to choose from
    • Find it hard to not let a moderately stressful event negatively affect them
    Advocates (especially Turbulent ones) in particular find it difficult to focus under pressure and need time to pull themselves together, more so than any other personality type. Uncertainty can ultimately wreak havoc on their stress levels which can lead to decreased confidence and increased anxiety.


    It’s not all doom and gloom for Diplomats, however, as they can be remarkably flexible and resilient. While they may not score high marks on stress management, their lack of interest in controlling people or situations prevents them from becoming too overwhelmed when life becomes unpredictable. Diplomats can make the best of uncertainty by practicing the following tips:
    • Find ways to work with others, especially those who may balance out your weaknesses
    • Embrace uncertainty as a prime opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery
    • Take control of what you can and avoid letting other people or situations dictate your life choices – trust your inner compass
    Individuals of every personality type can benefit from viewing uncertain situations as opportunities. The only certainty in life is that there will be change, and learning to use your unique strengths to adapt to this changing world is one of the most important things that you can do.

    How does uncertainty affect you? Do you see it as an opportunity or a recipe for endless headaches?

    Source: 16Personalities/INFJ



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  1. Maikl Jexocuha
    Fear of Uncertainty always brings me back to what I remembered from my Christian upbringing:

    "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear: because fear has to do with punishment. He that fears is not made perfect in love." - 1 John 4:18

    I am perplexed by this because intuitively I know that is the answer to fear. If you are afraid of what is, what has been, what will be; afraid of others, yourself, or humankind; afraid of everything, afraid of nothing, afraid of not enough, or afraid of too much...there is something about the nature of love in the absence of fear. It's kind of like, if you know something with a certainty, there is no fear also, but it's a lie to know everything about everything with an absolute certainty. They say ignorance is bliss - but honestly it is a torment. You are afraid because you do not Know. Thus, how must you relate to something if you do not know fully what it is, what you are, what it means, what it will do to you, or do in general? When in a state of love, there is no constant probing to know, there is just acceptance and surrender. Afraid of the future? Accept your fear, accept that you do not know, and surrender to that...state of love. Painful and beautiful.
  2. Skrimpshidy
    Uncertainty has never bothered me until the past year or so. My life had a pretty good plan and everything was implemented.
    My goals were being accomplished. Right on track.

    Something horrible happened and turned my whole life upside down. Now everything is uncertain. No real direction to go in. All plans are laid to waste due to the incident.

    Though, some how, I feel very positive. Like everything is going to be okay. Though the stress and anxiety followed by a dull hopelessness or futility is still lurking.
  3. Ginny
    Good article!

    I have a few points which I wish to adress, as examples for reference:
    • Not knowing everything about a person makes them interesting, but being uncertain about their intentions can be unsettling.
    • Dealing with stressful situations, it takes a lot not to fall back towards the shadow, becoming blunt, assertive and commanding. The latter is true for those situation wherein I perceive myself as the more competent person.
    • When it comes to entering an unknown situation, it is stressful in that internally, I try to anticipate any upcoming conversational topics in detail to alleviate any stress in order to avoid upcoming long silences, because they are awkward and put you into the spotlight. It is an Ni-Ti loop, which appears more frequently and longer the closer I get to the dreaded situation.
    • I think a lot about past conversations and actions, so I can learn from them, even if initially I get merely angry at myself for not doing it better in the first place.
    • Uncertainty about the future is the most unsettling thing I can think of. There is nothing more scary than not having a plan. It is the most frequently occurring reason for inaction or wasting time. It is also why I need explicit instructions for cooking, in minute detail.
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    1. Free
      Completely agree with your points and completely relate to them also. Uncertainty is frightening. Not having a plan, a plan B, a plan C is even more so. And yet sometimes life throws us curve-balls that we could never be prepared for. In these situations, I think we can shine the most when we let ourselves adapt to the stream of change. Thank you for your input!
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