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  1. That was in 2.10.2019.

    I came to the hospital because I was diagnosed with heart problems (tachycardia). You know how it is. when your heart beats very quickly, e.g. because you got scared of something or ran a kilometer at a very fast pace. Your heart beats over 100 beats per minute. Imagine that my heart could beat like that every day. Without any effort, my heart was beating as if I had run a marathon (or at least these were the assumptions of this disease).

    But from the beginning.

    For some time I lived under very high stress. I had a "small" problem at school, various grades for improvement, private life. Adolescence did not make things easier. I felt my heart knock on even the smallest little things (e.g. when someone called me and I had to answer the phone. Seriously).

    When I had a routine check-up with a doctor, he said that I might have heart problems, so he directed me to a cardiologist for an ECG. I was a bit worried because I never had any health problems. I have always been a specimen of health. One or two times in a year I was able to catch a cold but nothing much serious. I set aside my beloved coffee so I hoped that the results are fairly correct. After these few months, I finally went for ECG tests. Then the cardiologist found sinus tachycardia and gave me a referral for hospitalization. After waiting a few more months, I ended up in the hospital.

    It was my first time to sit in the hospital for more than five minutes. I was slightly stressed because I didn't know what and how they would do to me.

    The first day was not exhausting. The doctors asked me some questions about who I am, why I was directed here etc.

    In the second, routine blood tests, "cup" and ECG. The results were all normal.

    In the third, I assumed Holter ECG, so that the doctor could check my heartbeat within 24 hours (for a total of how it beats so every day). I remember how because of it I couldn't sleep at night because my back hurt terribly from the position in which I had to sleep, plus I was terribly stressed that my results may be bad. In the end, these tests turned out to be normal.

    The weekend I spend lying and watching TV series/reading a book/drawing/thinking about life in general.

    On the last day, I had an ultrasound of the heart. I was very nervous because I didn't know if I would leave this hospital or not. In the end, they released me to home.

    I didn't complain much about the hospital stay. The food was really tasty and I was full (my mother had to take what she brought me to eat. She was afraid that I would starve here), the nurses were quite nice (although there were days when they could not be very nice ). The only thing I complained about was the routine (as I thought I would be able to do the same all my life, now I know that it's rather so average) because I didn't do anything useful every day and I couldn't go outside to ventilate/spread bones.

    Being in the hospital gave me something to think about and thanks to this I understood some things. Among other things, how I underestimated my life for many years. I sympathize with all those who are sick enough that they have to sit almost 24/7 in hospitals. I am really glad that nothing serious is wrong with me and I am a healthy person. Life is too short to worry about some small things.


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