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  1. The Bag Of Chips

    A story of three friends trying to steal some treasure.
  2. Swamp Savior

    A story of a small warrior facing a large opponent.
  3. Meeting

    Two friends meet after a long time apart.
  4. Game

    A story of a close game.
  5. Cooperative creative writing

    Let's write a story together :)
  6. Winter 2017 Short Story Contest Submissions! :)

    Welcome to the Winter 2017 Short Story Contest Submissions!Support our writers by reading and voting for the story of your choice.Still working on the poll, but until then, enjoy reading. :)PLEASE READ BOTH STORIES BEFORE VOTING. Writers, if you notice any typos, PM me. :)Suggested Topic: Winter Tales ***Stories are submitted to me by PM, and voted for anonymously.Guidelines:Stories can be about 750-1,500 words in length (I’m not counting words). Any genre or style (mystery,...
  7. No more Kings

    Evening fell as a young man with green eyes and blond hair, wearing a travelers coat walks into a developed colonial town, the sun setting over his shoulders and ocean waves crashing on the distant side of the town.“One more city, one more riot and I go home, God I hate doing Jobs like these. Still, better than being a part of the hits, I’ll be dammed if I become their weapon. Now let’s see, how do we get this started? Smaller than the last town but it’s still the capital for the colony,...
  8. Lasting Memories

    Root Beer It is late at night and my brother, Tim, and, I, need to get to bed. Trying to think of an excuse to stay up a little longer, we complain to our dad how thirsty we are. Our dad gives in, and we make a trip downstairs to the kitchen. To our amazement, we find there is still some soda left in the fridge. There are about two cups of liquid left in the liter-sized bottle. My dad looks exhausted and anxious, so he decides to let us drink the soda. My dad is not too concerned with...