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Beauty has a Face

  1. "Beauty has a face."
    I whispered to the sun.
    As clouds swirled invisibly
    And leaves began to strum.

    "Beauty has a name."
    Spoke I with heavenly mirth.
    "O I know all to well"
    Replied mother earth.

    "Not far but near dwells she
    Midst mortal men as mortal lass,
    But touched divine
    With solely grace mass."

    "Ah what marvel sublime"
    Said I within my mind,
    Whilst lounging like cat within the sun,
    Repeating to myself,
    Words like breeze
    That fan the flame
    Which burns in heart
    That cannot help but dart
    Because of lover's trace:

    "Beauty has a face."​

    Night Owl, 2016.


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