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Articles from Ginny

  1. MBTI vs Socionics – The Conversion Dilemma

    Question: “Would you say INFJ in MBTI is the same as INFp in Socionics, and ESFP in MBTI is the same as ESFp in Socionics, or are there exceptions?”

    The short answer is: Yes.

    The long answer is…

    There are three lines of thought when it comes to the MBTI and Socionics type conversion issue.

    One belief is that you can convert the types exactly one-to-one with their letter codes. Meaning, ESFP is ESFp (SEE), INFJ is INFj (EII) etc. However, that starts to make little sense when you take...
  2. Why Introverts Often Feel Like a Fraud or Impostor

    By A.J. Drenth

    Have you ever felt like a fraud in your work or relationships? If so, you’re not alone. Research suggests that nearly 70% of people report feeling like a fraud at some point in their lives while as many as 40% routinely struggle with this sentiment.

    Needless to say, this is unfortunate news. Besides the fact that no one likes feeling like a fraud, this nagging sentiment can be detrimental to our work, relationships, and self-esteem.

    If we are to have any hope of slaying...
  3. Purpose-Seekers vs. Balance-Seekers

    by A.J. Drenth

    Most personality enthusiasts show at least some measure of concern for personal growth. Indeed, many believe that self-knowledge is a prerequisite, if not a catalyst, for personal growth and development.

    Students of Jung’s work commonly view self-development, or what Jung called individuation, in terms of a balancing of opposing psychological forces. This may include balancing conscious and subconscious elements of the mind, as well as the various functions of one’s...