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You Know You're An INFJ When....

Discussion in 'The INFJ Typology' started by Poetic Justice, Apr 28, 2011.

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  1. Stole this idea from the INTP forum. Heh

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    Finish the sentence

    You know you're an INFJ when....
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  2. You mull over the most mundane conversations and keep score of what you did right and (of course more importantly!) what you did wrong.
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  3. When you vehemently disagree with someone, and they remind you "well, I have the right to my opinion" and you think "dammit!! He's right!!"
  4.'re afraid your love will destroy the universe.
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  5. When you initially decide to do something, but somehow manage to convince yourself (logically or otherwise) not to go ahead, even though deep down you know it would benefit you.
  6. Romeo & Juliet seems romantic...
  7. ..You're disappointed in people who don't love like you.
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  8. you know that you would turn your child in for murder, because, dammit they need to accept responsibility for their actions, and deal with it like a man!
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  9. Despite seemingly being well liked by everyone, you never feel wholly included into the group, but rather feel you are looking in from a distance.
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    Are you kidding? I'd help them leave the country.
  11. It is. >.<

  12. When your coworker walks by your office, you glance up to "look" at them, and they declare to you, "Get out of my head!".
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    You get half way through your point and you realize your audience is lost, because you went on an emblematic tangent that makes perfect sense but sounds insane.
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  14. When you are just too intense for some.
  15. When you wish smalltalk revolved around things like what's type of vampire do you like best or if you could have any super power what would it be?
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  16. [MENTION=834]Dragon[/MENTION] I'm totally serious.
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  17. I'd turn them in as well. That is unforgivable regardless of who does it.
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  18. To me it would depend on why the crime was committed. Although I would likely turn them in out of a selfish interest as to not be an "accomplice"

    and I would only turn them in, in a "1st world" nation.
  19. I think it's because I hold my offspring to the same high standards I hold myself to, and I am repelled by enabling. If a friend murdered someone... I wouldn't help them cover it up, but I wouldn't turn them in. If questioned by the police, though, I would be honest. So... just don't tell me.
  20. Depends... If there was a GOD ground, then I wouldn't....
    For ex: someone abused she/he, or a friend of his/her. (If it would be she/he, I would kill that fool personally.....)
    Or things like this...
    I don't trust the authorities much...

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