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Typing your favorite characters/movies/anime/cartoons/etc

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Media' started by poetrygirl, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. My favorite anime is "Ouran High Host Club".

    Here is my hypothesis:
    Haruhi Fujioka: Infj I'm 85% sure

    Tamaki Suou: Enfp 79%

    Kyoya Ootori: intj 99.9 % sure

    Hikaru: Intp 85%

    Kaoru Hitachiin: Intp 66%

    Mitsukuni "Hunny" Haninozuka: ES/NFP ? 50%

    Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka: ISFP ? 50%

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  2. I'm far from being an MBTI expert, so a lot of these are guesses.

    Hey Arnold!:

    Arnold- INFP
    Helga- I have no idea. How do you take her mood swings into account? LOL.
    Gerald- ESTP
    Grandma and Grandpa- ESFP

    Jhonen Vasquez characters:

    Dib- INTP
    Gaz- XNTJ?

    Johnny- I'm not even gonna touch this one. Whatever he is, he's a really twisted version of it.
    Devi- INTX
    Tenna- ESFP
    Squee- INFP

    Anne of Green Gables:

    Anne- INFP
    Gilbert- ENTP
    Marilla- ESTJ
    Rachel Lynde- ESFJ!!!

    Little Women:

    Jo- ENFP
    Beth- INFJ?
    Amy- ESFP
    Meg- ESFJ

    Peter Pan- ESTP
    Wendy- ENFJ
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  3. ENFJ
  4. I was thinking maybe she's an NF that is almost always under the influence of her shadow? That girl has issues. :p
  5. ENFJ's can be harsh and appear "T like" in some instances. Trust me, she is an ENFJ, alebit it a bit of a crazy/loud one. Nevertheless, she was EASILY my favorite character. There was so much too her.
  6. You guys watch Hey Arnold?! That's awesome! I love that show! Yes, present tense. :p

    How about Bleach?
    Ichigo - ESTP
    Uryƫ - INTJ
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  7. ...I may or may not still read and write Hey Arnold! fanfiction. :p
  8. Courage the cowardly dog:

    Courage: INFP
    Muriel: ISFJ
    Eaustace: ESTJ

    The Marvalous Misadventure of Flapjack:

    Flapjack: ENFJ
    K'nuckles: ESTP
    Bubbie: ESFJ
    Dr. Barber: INTJ
    Pepperment Larry: ESTJ


    Chowder: ENFP
    Mung Daal: ENTP
    Shnitzel: ISTJ
    Truffles: ESFJ
    Endive: ESFJ
    Panini: ENFJ

    Making Fiends:

    Charolette: ENFP
    Vendetta: INTJ


    Spongebob: ENFP
    Patrick: ESTP
    Squidward: ISTJ
    Mr. Crabs: ESTP
    Sandy: INTP

    The Angry Beavers:

    Norbert: ENTJ
    Daggit: ESTP


    Feel free to correct as needed, these are just my best guesses, some I am more certian then others
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  9. (Again, some of these could be way off)

    The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron:

    Jimmy- INTJ
    Cindy- ENTJ
    Sheen- ESTP
    Carl- ISFP
    Libby- ESFP

    MTV's Daria:

    Daria- INTP
    Jane- INTP
    Trent- ISFP
    Quinn- ESFJ
    Helen- ESTJ

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force:

    Frylock- INTJ
    Shake- ESTP
    Meatwad- ESFP
  10. Super geek here, but I'm actually dying to know if anyone else thinks that Bella Swan from Twilight is totally INFJ?
  11. My opinion is admittedly biased, since I read the first book and hated it, but I don't think Bella is an INFJ because she's sort of a Mary Sue--a generic character designed so that any girl can relate to her, but not developed enough to have much of her own personality. But like I said, I've only read the first book, and I didn't like it, so this could be a biased view.

    However, if the characterization is as weak in the other books as it is in the first, she's definitely a Mary Sue.

    (Disclaimer: I'm' just honestly answering a question, not trying to insult anyone, and I've admitted I could be wrong, so I hope no one who likes the book takes offense)
  12. Twilight is my second favourite paedophile story
  13. :) No offense taken here. I personally loved the first book the most, and I agree, when I first started reading it I noted why so many like it: totally Mary Sue-ish. I mean, any GIRL who likes to READ (and is possibly kind of shy) is going to associate with her . . . right? But I've also read a partial draft of what the author wrote as Edward's point of view, and I really do feel like she's an INFJ. But I really can't be sure, cuz it's highly possible she might fit into any type, though I think we can be nearly positive that she's introverted. . .
  14. Okay, I'll bite, what's your first?
  15. In the "How to recognize an INFJ" thread, it was brought out that a lot of us are clumsy. Heh. xD
  16. Now what type do you suppose Lolita is? And Humbert Humbert??

    (Such beautiful writing.. I still remember Nabokov comparing Lolita's scabs to red rubies.. for whatever reason, that imagery struck me.)
  17. I've always wondered about the characters from "M.A.S.H." I think BJ Hunnicutt could be an INFJ...Lol! Man, I used to *love* that show as a kid. My take on the characters:

    Hawkeye Pierce: ESFP
    Trapper John McIntyre: ESTP
    BJ Hunnicutt: INFJ
    Henry Blake: ESFJ
    Sherman T. Potter: ESTJ
    Frank Burns: ISFJ
    Margaret Houlihan: ESTJ
    Radar O'Reilly: INFP
    Charles Emmerson Winchester III: ENTJ
    John Francis Mulcahy: INFP
    Max Klinger: ESFP

    And I welcome any and all discussions on 'em! That list isn't set in stone. :)
  18. I'm horrible at typing others.. even characters.. But I would guess Amelie is an INFP. At least, in INFP circles she's considered as such..Danielle from Ever After is either INFP or INFJ. I think...
  19. God I love Lolita, it might be my favorite book ever.... " Lolita...Light of my life, fire of my loins, my sin. my soul"

    I think it's impossible to type the illustrious Dolores Haze, Humbert never even knew her, IMO. I think Humbert was more in love with himself than anything. Ha I could write about Lolita forever....

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