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Discussion in 'Entertainment and Media' started by Holden On, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. I posted this as an aside in the Typing House thread. I'ma big Star Trek nerd, so I wouldn't mind discussing it more but I don't want to hijack that thread. :)

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    So according to this website, Captain Sisko from Star Trek Deep Space 9 is an INFJ.

    The types they list for other Star Trek characters are:
    ESTJ: Riker and B'lanna Torres
    ISTJ: Dr. McCoy
    ISFJ: Dr. Crusher and Chakotay
    ESTP: Scotty, Tasha Yar, and Geordi LaForge
    ISTP: Odo and Wesley Crusher
    ESFP: Captain Janeway and Tom Paris
    ISFP: Vedek Bareil and The Doctor
    ENFJ: Counselor Troi and Jake Sisko
    ENFP: Captain Kirk and Dr. Bashir
    INFP: Garak and Kes
    ENTJ: Q and Quark
    INTJ: Captain Picard and Seven of Nine
    ENTP: Harry Kim
    INTP: Worf

    What do people think? Do you agree? Disagree? Are there other Star Trek characters you have pegged for certain types? (Tuvok, Chekhov, Uhura, Jadzia Dax, Ezri Dax, Major Kira, Nog, Rom, Dukat, Weyoun? Any Enterprise characters - Captain Archer, Trip Tucker, T'Pol, Malcolm Reed, Hoshi, Dr. Phlox, Shran?) And what about Data? As an Android, can he be typed?
  2. Jim Kirk: ESTP
    Spock: INTP
    McCoy: ISFJ
    Scotty: ISTP
    Uhura: INFJ
    Chekov: ?
    Sulu: ISTP

    Jean Luc Picard: INFJ
    Data: ROBOT
    Riker: DORK
    Worf: ISTJ
    Bev Crusher: ESFJ
    Troi: INFJ
    Geordi: INTP
    Wes Crusher: BITCH

    Sisko: ENFJ
    Kira: ESFJ
    Odo: Hilariously ISTJ
    Bashir: ?
    Dax: ISTP
    O'Brien: ISTP
    Quark: ESTP
    Garak: ENTP (best star trek character ever)

    Janeway: ESFJ
    Tuvok: INTP
    Chakotay: BITCH
    Seven: INTJ
    Kim: Who cares?
    Paris: ESTP
    Torres: ESTJ
    Docter: INTP
    Can't go on these characters are too dull...

    That other show:

    Who cares?

    *Ones in bold I'm more certain of.
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  3. I only got into TNG cause that's what I grew up with, but this is how I see it:

    Picard: INTJ
    Dr. Crusher: ENFP
    Troi: INFP
    Worf: ISTJ
    Data: INTP (but he's unrealistic so to speak, so it sort of doesn't count)
    LaForge: ESTP
    Guinan: INFJ
    Q: ENTP (one of my favorite characters, if not my most favorite)
    Wesley Crusher: ENFJ
    Riker: ESTJ
    Yar: ESTP
    Lwaxana Troi: ESFJ (omg I LOVE her character! She is hilarious!!!)

    Am I forgetting anyone? Following Quinlan's lead, bold I am fairly certain of.
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  4. Agree fully. The older episodes where Picard and Beverly tell him to shut up all the time were hilarious.
  5. I think those are some of the worst typings I've ever seen. :tongue:

    Here's how I'd type them:

    ESTJ - Sisko
    ISTJ - Worf, Odo
    ISFJ - McCoy
    ESFJ - Dr. Crusher
    ESTP - Kirk, Geordi (maybe)
    ISTP - Tasha Yar (maybe), Sulu
    ESFP - Riker (possibly ESTP), Jadzia Dax (maybe), Trip Tucker, Tom Paris
    ISFP - Bareil
    ENFJ - Archer
    ENFP - Harry Kim, Dr. Bashir (maybe INFP)
    INFP - Wesley Crusher (unfortunately), Kes
    INFJ - Troi (maybe INFP), Guinan
    ENTJ - Janeway
    INTJ - Picard, Tuvoc, Seven, Spock
    ENTP - Garak, Q, Quark (maybe)
    INTP - Data

    Not sure what the Doctor's type is, but I'm practically certain it isn't ISFP.
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  6. Haha :) I'm pretty new to the intracacies of this stuff... I mean, I've known my type for a long time and the types of those close to me, but as for picking out someone's type just by observing them... well, I have never really tried to do that. So I am finding everyone's interpretations very interesting!
  7. I'm extremely old school Trek, but I agree with many updates. Most the Original Series old cast were Sensors, except Spock, and I'd say Uhura.

    But I respectfully decline the "ESTJ" label for Sisko. On what grounds? That man was a serious Feeler, and I think he was intuitive. But it's possible he was in shadow mode. Everything Sisko did was in conflict with who he was, and he often struggled with making some hard decisions because he had conflicts of head vs heart. To me, he was one of the more tragic Starfleet Captain figures. :( I think if he were written a bit better (more as an I/ENFJ) that many of his decisions would've made a lot more sense.

    My old school list ('cause I seriously rocked my old school team) and the new gang from the movie...

    Kirk original - ESTP
    Kirk new - ESTP
    Spock original - INTJ
    Spock new - INTP
    McCoy original - ISFJ
    McCoy new - ESFJ
    Uhura original - INFJ
    Uhura new - INTJ* (investigating :D)
    Scotty original - ISTP
    Scotty new - ESFP (possibly...hard to say)
    Sulu original - ISTP
    Sulu new - INTJ (just something about him, maybe)
    Chevok original - ISFP
    Chekov new - ESFJ
  8. Like I said in the House thread, I'm not too sure about the ESTJ typing for Sisko.

    Whenever he's relaxing he prefers to do it with other people, one of his favourite things to do to relax is to take people to baseball games. Compare that to Picard for example, who always relaxed on his own (usually in his quarters playing an instrument or reading or whatever). So IMO, Sisko = extravert.

    He loves doing hands-on tasks, like in that one episode where he rebuilds a Bajoran solar-sail ship. You never see him reading (unlike the intuitive Picard). So stuff like that makes me think he's a Sensor.

    This is the toughest one. Two of the episodes that stand out the most for me regarding this are the ones mentioned on this part of his wiki page. But are his value judgements a result of a well-developed "inferior" Fi, or is he a natural Fe dominant? The fact that he says he "feels no remorse" for what he did in that one episode might suggest it's because his Fe feels that he did what was best for his "group" (The Federation), but then again the fact that he's troubled by his lack of remorse might indicate inferior Fi being overridden by pragmatic dominant Te. Could go either way. *shrug*

    Is there even any doubt on this one? :lol:


    So from all that, I'd have to say that he's either an ESTJ or an ESFJ. He seems to have a much harder edge to him than Dr. Crusher, which might be down to different MBTI types, or a number of different things; gender differences, enneagram type, the demands of command, all of the above, none of the above...
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  9. Also...

    ISTP - Scotty (though he could go ESTP, the man was a talker), Travis Mayweather
    INTJ - T'Pol (I really think the Vulcan race was designed on the INTJ stereotype)
    ISTJ - Malcom Reed (Poor guy... an ISTJ on an ENFJ's ship. I'm sure nothing ever made sense to him)
    ENFP - Dr. Phlox (This is a great example of an ENFP with a strong Te function, which can make them seem like very creative INTJs)
    INFJ - Uhura (Definitely)

    New Kirk - ESTP (though he developed a lot of Fe in the story, which was really cool)
    New Spock - INTP (which was really weird seeing played against Nimoy's INTJ approach to Spock)
    New Uhura - INTJ (I saw a lot of Ni in that one, and I have female INTJ friends who act like that when stressed)
    New Bones - ESFP (Classic, loved the way Karl Urban played up the old Bonesisms)
    New Chekov - ENTP (How could anyone miss this? Right down to the talking too fast...)
    New Sulu - INFJ (Right down to the Se fail leaving the docks which ended up saving the Earth...)
    New Scotty - ESTP (without a doubt)
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  10. ENTP - Garak, Q, Quark, DS9's Dr
    Gul Ducat, ENTJ anyone?
  11. I will take INTJ for N!uhura - I love the idea that there might be an in-charge INTJ female on the Enterprise! :D I'll change mine. I definitely need to see the movie again.

    *Scribbles and changes info*

    And I was back and forth with Urban as ESFJ or ESFP. I think the ESFP mode fits better, but it almost makes him less down to earth. I'll have to investigate that. Hmmm...:D

    I think you're right about N!Scotty, too. I was waffling on that T/F point for him.
  12. I can see this, definitely. Picard, no doubt about it, is an I. Sisko.... an E, probably, but perhaps only slightly expressed. Thinking about it, I agree with you that he's an S. The F/T is a hard one.

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