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Socionics duality facebook groups (INFJ - ESTP)

Discussion in 'Relationships and Sociology' started by Lexika, Jul 12, 2013.

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  1. For those who are interested in socionics for its intertype relations or otherwise, here are some recently started FB groups for dual pairs.
    Most of INFJs will transfer over as IEIs/INFp into socionics, but if you don't know your sociotype there are some tests here click.

    Alpha quadra:
    LII - ESE
    SEI - ILE

    Beta quadra:
    SLE - IEI
    EIE - LSI

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    Gamma quadra:
    ESI - LIE
    ILI - SEE

    Delta quadra:
    SLI - IEE
    EII - LSE
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  2. INFj in Socionics is actually INFP. MBTI uses the last letter in the type code to identify whether the individual's strongest extroverted cognitive function is a judging or perceiving one. In Socionics, the last letter of the type code tells whether one has a dominant Perceiving or Judging function. The type codes under both paradigms will be identical for Extraverts, but it is another story altogether for Introverts.
    Example: An ISTJ's dominant cognitive function is Introverted Sensing. He is taking in information about the world around him via his five senses, comparing "what is" to "what was." The world sees his auxiliary Extraverted Thinking function: organizing, making lists, following a linear step-by-step approach to solve problems or complete a task. While he appears rigid (Judging) on the outside, the ISTJ is actually a closet Perceiver looking for information to act upon in a logical, impersonal way. In Socionics, he is an ISTp.
  3. MBTI and Socionics do not define the cognitive functions exactly the same way though, so there are no perfect one to one equivalencies.
  4. There is pretty good correlation between some functions. For example Ti is called "structural logic" in Socionics which is very similar to its role in MBTI, while socionics Te is "business logic" which is similar to the organizational capacity attributed to it in MBTI.

    So while they don't define all functions in the same way (the most divergence exists over sensing funcions), the types that one has in socionics and MBTI should be quite similar.
  5. There was a poll I've seen in INFJ forum at personality cafe and majority of INFJs have picked that they are INFps or IEIs in socionics, some others have typed as Fi dominant types in socionics like INFj/EII and ISFj/ESI.

    The tests link in first post doesn't seem to be working any longer. It's moved to Socionics Tests and Useful Links

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