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Sillies: My Little Pony MBTI Chart

Discussion in 'Psychology and MBTI' started by atree, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. I saw this today and immediately thought of you all. Enjoy.

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  2. Haha. This is funny and sad because I've seen the show :D
  3. I am obsessed with zebras... too bad they threw in that "perceiving" error just to drive me insane...
  4. Somehow, the fact that the INFP My Little Pony has Pegasus wings, a Unicorn horn, and is purple is, well — fitting. :tongue:

  5. I love how the ExFP ponies look like total flakes, and the ExTJ ponies look like jerks. xD

    But I doubt an INTJ would have rainbow colored hair, a unicorn horn, wings, and a princess crown. :p
  6. the extroverts have creepy eyes
  7. This is... special.

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  9. EEEEEE! Ponies!
  10. This thread tipped me over the edge and I decided to finally watch it and see what all the fuss is about. I watched the first half of episode one and it was disappointing. I was expecting this "I hate myself for watching but it's inexplicably entertaining" addiction that everyone keeps talking about. :-/ Maybe I need to give it another chance? First episodes usually aren't the best...
  11. I think the crown is quite fitting, considering :

    And it's got that 'i am better than you' looking eye :p

    I reckon the INFP one looks pretty hawwt :D
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  12. I like how derp ESFP pony looks.
  13. Herp-a-derp.
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  14. ENTP pony looks...INSANE.
  15. I think you are right. The craziest things I've ever done to my hair were
    - wearing it in two ponytails
    - cutting it all off
    - dying it brown (it's all ready brown).

    I wear hats though. The unicorn horn and the princess crown could be considered hats except, I would have no occasion appropriate for such accessories.

    I did go through a stage when I wore multicoloured shoelaces.
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  16. I think they got the INFJ and INTJ ponies backward. Everybody knows INFJs fart rainbows.
  17. Makes perfect sense.

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