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Ni/Ti loops vs. Si/Ne

Discussion in 'Psychology and MBTI' started by Soulful, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. In what ways can one distinguish between whether they're using the Ni/Ti loop and Ne as a 4th level function (for an Si dominant)? To my understanding, if an ISFJ doesn't understand something they will seek out a resolution to their query through whatever means they can, whether or not it makes sense. To what extent, then, is this similar to the Ni/Ti loop where the subject continues to overthink the problem to the degree that they (to my impression) lose an ability to clearly conceive it?

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  2. First of all, you don't use an NiTi loop. NiTi loop only means that an INFJ's Fe is repressed for some reason.

    But I'm not really sure I got you, are you asking the difference between an INFJ in a NiTi loop and an ISFJ? o_O
  3. In what regards are you talking about when you say Ni/Ti loop? ISFJ don't have a problem with that, although trying to use the 4th (known as the inferior) function then it usually manifests itself in an all-or-nothing fashion.

    For example, an ISFJ being stuck trying to use their Ne will go from being gulliblely open-minded (when trying to engage their Ne) to rigidly closed minded (actively rejecting Ne) so it's best if ISFJ and by extension, ISTJ don't try to use Ne at all.
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  4. [MENTION=4977]MisterNi[/MENTION] [MENTION=3072]Majesty[/MENTION] sorry if that's unclear. yes, not use but "in" an Ni/Ti loop. I'm not too concerned with why they're in that loop, but with the outcome of that process on their thoughts.

    What I'm wondering about is this: how would you distinguish the Ni/Ti loop vs. an ISFJ's use of Ne if you did not know what the person's type was. In other words, in what ways would the conclusions reached by Ni/Ti vs. ISFJ Ne use differ? In what ways would the thinking process differ?

    Or, how do the differences between the two manifest?
  5. Ah, so you're asking about trying to distinguish between INFJ and ISFJ for someone? Your method seems a bit roundabout as it's usually easiest to type someone through their use of the primary and secondary functions. So trying to find determine if a person is INFJ or ISFJ, you should look at whether the person engages Ni-Fe or Si-Fe more.

    If it's still unclear from that, or if the person is in a very unhealthy psychological state (Being stuck in a primary-tertiary loop isn't unhealthy but isn't necessarily healthy either and trying to constantly engage one's inferior is always bad news) then learning about the person's stress points would be illustrative in determining one's inferior function.

    If it's still unclear, then trying to determine a person's primary-tertiary loop would be useful. Ni-Ti loops in an unhealthy way would manifest itself by a constant interpretation and analyzation of symbols/hidden meaning to the point where it causes paralysis in the person. In a more healthy way, Ni-Ti loops would be a deeper understanding what's stated on the surface.

    With regards to engaging the inferior for the INFJ: The INFJ inferior is Se which much like an Ne inferior is all-or-nothing. Except Se-inferior in the INFJ and INTJ comes about in engaging themselves physically in excess or completely depriving oneself of engaging themselves physically. Either way, an INxJ should not try to engage their Se if they're uncomfortable with it.
  6. Thanks for the explanations. :)

    I was trying to figure out if my own thought process, and wasn't sure if I knew how to distinguish between the two. (I don't know my type.)
  7. [MENTION=407]Soulful[/MENTION] The ISFJ use of their inferior Ne depends on how developped it is (usually depends on age). Young/immature ISJs feel like they must plan everything and are typically uncomfortable with the typical Ne activities (such as talking for hours about "yes but what if and what would have happened if and why are llamas not nutella and why is etc etc etc", brainstorming, learning 958495834 things in one day...). With time they'll become less...un-Ne? xD

    MisterNi explained the NiTi pretty well I think. They'll also have difficulties with Fe activities (i hsould find a new word), like caring about social duties, maintaining a group happiness, having influence, politeness, etc.

    However inferior Ne problems is normal in ISJs, but loops are unhealthy for any types.

    sorry if this post is extremely disorganized xD
  8. You're welcome. :smile:

    Why don't you write out your thought processes a bit and perhaps getting it from thought to written words will help solidfy the information and aid in determining your type.
  9. Lenore Thompson suggests that only the auxiliary function should be actively developed and that it's counterproductive to develop the tertiary and inferior, as you have suggested. However, others suggest actively exercising the lower functions, in order to become a well-rounded person.

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