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INFJs and fashion

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Media' started by Top cat, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. As an INFJ are you interested in fashion?
    Do you care about clothes you wear? Your hair? shoes? Is it more than just appearances or plain superficial?

    Do you follow any designers' work.. the latest collections?

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    Or another niche.. say, a particular era of interest like the 1960s, Victorians...

    Some of my INftJ friends have a very personal approach to dressing...
    Certain fabrics, trims, colours...
    almost like they are an archetype/storybook character...
    Some parts are a bit odd, but they can never let go of it even if other people think they look weird. If a sleeve is not the right length, they feel a bit unhappy. It's more than looks to them
  2. no...but I did design dresses many years ago, almost went into fashion design...other than
  3. I have a particular style, but I am not interested in following trends.

    I generally like long flowing clothing, not trench coat, but more of the wool overcoat style. This is one of my fav leather coats.

    I took a textiles/tailoring/fashion 2 yr intensive course in high school and I enjoyed it very much. (I was 1 of 2 straight guys in the class. :p)

    I dress business casual for work, but otherwise I am just basic tshirt or hoodie and pants.

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  4. I can see where your coming from, though i doubt that there are many INFJ that follow a particular fashion. Instead they have there own unique look they try not to stay from.

    Mines kinda simple, dark colored jeans and a long sleeved button up shirt. Sleeve rolled up past my elbows shirt tucked in and wearing black shoes.
  5. I am not interested in fashion "trends", but if I see something I like and it happens to be the latest thing--so be it. Yes, I have my own style and I follow that. The first, and most important thing for me in a piece of clothing is the color. If it don't like the color(s) forget it. My preferences are blue, red, and a neutral kind of beige/tan (easy to mix and match with).

    In the winter I almost exclusively wear knit long-sleeved pullovers with a "V" collar. I wear necklaces a lot too. Not gold-type, but more the Panama Jack hemp type. I love my small round "John Lennon" style sunglasses too that have been out of style for some time now.
  6. I don't follow fashion trends either, but at the same time I don't especially avoid them.

    I guess my typical style would fall into the 'wilderness chic' category. Usually outdoor clothes which I wear because they're comfy and lightweight. They also don't stand out too much from the crowd, so I can blend in and go unnoticed.
    *looks for a ninja monkey*
  7. My sense of style tends to reflect my dominant mood for a particular period of time. I feel that I'm at the beginning of a new phase now, so I'm curious as to what will happen in my wardrobe. The clothes themselves are unimportant. What matters is that they are congruent with the person I feel that I am.
  8. I really enjoy fashion. For a while I wanted to be a fashion designer, but then at some point I decided it was a terribly selfish career, so I abandoned that folly.

    I don't design much anymore, because I don't want to think about how much I like it. I got featured on fabsugar as look of the day, once, though. Can't seem to get that reaction from lookbook! They can be snobbeh.

    but yeah, fashion is nice. I wouldn't say I'm a huge trend follower...I look through magazines to get ideas on how to combine things or new random articles that I would like, but I don't like to mimick just for mimicking sake.
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    What is this thing you call "fashion?"

    My wardrobe consists of sweatpants and geeky tshirts. Yes, I am that guy.
  10. I really like looking at fashion editorials. I think there is something so beautiful in the fashion industry. They express some many different forms of beauty.
    I'm probably a minority in feeling this. But if you think about it, each magazine ad or cover or clothing commercial, are all so different. I see fashion as a form of art.

    I do keep up on the latest trends. But, I usually don't dress in anything other than jeans and sweatshirts. I like big, flowy clothes. I have a habit of stealing my dad's t-shirts... which is not a good thing because they make me look even younger than I already come off to people. But they make me feel comfortable. :]
  11. Lolz. I <3 geeky tees!!!!
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  12. The shirt I am wearing says "There is no place like"

    And I DO have a binary clock at work, LOL.
  13. I'm not a slave to fashion by any means, but I do pay attention to what's going on to an extent; I'll pick and choose things that I like/suit me.

    I aim for a style that is simple and classy, and then just dress it up with one or two accessories for flare. And yes, I do like hats :p
  14. I make my own clothes so yes, I do follow certain ideas about fashion. The biggest thing i believe in is :

    "Fashion is fleeting, but style is forever"

    I make my own clothes for my body type, mainly because I can't find decent clothes that fit me or I just love the creativity that goes into buying a material, cutting out the pattern, sewing and finally trying it on. You feel connection to it and every time I put that clothing on I remember my experience making it.

    I don't follow the trend unless I have to, I stick with what works for my body type and I love strong, deep hues of color such as burgungy red, evergreen and sea blue. I have a lot of pink clothes though!

    I also love shoes...i have one for every occasion. i guess it's a girl thing. But I wear what I love and feel comfortable in and I KNOW when I look like crap...but I never care to fulfill others idea of how a young women should look in this society.
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  15. I spend my time in either jeans or dark chords with usually black shoes and a tank top under an orange hoodie...

    I hate wearing my scrubs tho so I don't if I can get away with it :0)

    I always think I look like a 15 yr old bisexual emo haha!

    I'm usually swallowed up by my HUGE winter parka coat these days
  16. I enjoy fashion as well as interior design. It's always come natural to me to seek personal style but also comfort.

    It personally sooths me when my surroundings reflect the landscapes of my inner world; this extends to clothing as well.

    When I buy a shirt or a lamp for my room, it feels as if it was meant to be. As if the object itself has out of it's own free will be a apart of my life as I am part of theirs.

    It's fun moving into new places and seeing how that living area evolves, which is why I highly discourage planning/designing a place all at once. I like the everything to be moving and living even if it is not technically living.

    My style always changes but lately I enjoy the clean look with interesting wristbands/necklaces.




    This is an older shot of my room, right now there are new blankets brown/blue, tapestry coving the ceiling, brick/vase/lamp fountain on the corner of my room among other things. The fountain is nice, the bricks looks like it's coming out of the wall itself, like the fountain just naturally jutted out of the wall.


    I currently use the one of the right as my main board. I love it, it came into my life out of a random craigslist posting I happen to have seen. It was only used 3 times, so I got it pretty much new.
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  17. I have some camo pants... for summer tho, but O how I love the look of camo!
  18. Sorry I can't reply to everyone.. I like reading about the trends but I don't follow them either, unless I like them...

    This is exactly what I'm going through :) A new chapter..
    So I'm going to guess you would you let it evolve naturally rather than trying to pinpoint a target..? Like a random shopping trip and deciding between clothes you feel more drawn to

    I tend to make "mood boards"
    Well this would be the first time
    A board with pictures and ideas I like.. Generally when all combined, it all seems to connect somehow. An underlying something..
    You're very lucky to have been able to take that course
    Free I'm guessing since it's high school? :angel:

    I checked your photo albums to find the fur coat you talked about
    Is it the striped one a woman is wearing?

    Yeah I don't win anything on Polyvore either... ^^

    I can understand how it might seem selfish
    I'm still deciding myself if I'd like to go into it

    I do like making one-of-a-kind pieces for people.. We discuss their ideal fit and proportions.. and then I create it to their measurements.. It's a lot more personal
  19. I feel the same way about window displays in shops... especially in some higher end places here. So well thought out ^^ There was a Beatles theme one time, "Yellow Submarine" but with Prada and Missoni --I wish I took a photo

    One of the photographers I really like for editorials is Sarah Moon [​IMG]

    This is a really great idea..
    I also like visiting people's places just to see how they have decorated

    My aunt for one is a bit messy but there is something so cozy about all the collections of ephemera behind and out of glass. Wooden stools and doilies
    It's a perfect representation of her
  20. I am intune with fashion and I have a style I like, but I'm usually too lazy :B T-shirts and jeans all the way!

    I tell myself that someday I'll get into really good shape and wear anything I want...we'll see if that ever happens ;)

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