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I hate introverts

Discussion in 'Psychology and MBTI' started by Majesty, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. reasons:

    - You are not unique
    - You don't have a "special condition"
    - You're too slow-paced
    - You are not better than extroverts
    - You're not deeper/more intelligent/more mature than extroverts
    - You're not more misunderstood than anyone else cause you're an introvert
    - You prefer to read your crappy books rather than going to my parties </3 How do you think that makes me feel? Rejected! </3 Unloved! </3 (I'm still learning emotional manipulation. I know I'm not very good yet)
    - You suck at random small talk
    - You're not action-oriented enough
    - You're living in your own world
    - You whine about how extroverts whine about introverts. What?

    This is not a troll thread. I don't troll on tuesdays.

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  2. But I wuv you. :'3

  3. Everyone lives in their own world.

    Also I <3 you too. Mwaha.

    Maybe if your parties didn't suck so bad, we would go!
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  4. While I love introverts I agree with the bolded.
  5. sounds pretty trollin to me
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  6. I'm sorry ):
  7. You can hate me if you want; I could not care less.


    <3 <-- compulsory but not cared about cuteness to make this an 'acceptable' reply.
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  8. Sorry but not even a cute red heart can make up for the monkey.
  9. :m142:
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  10. Now now. Hating is not a good thing to do.
  11. Mew!


    I makes better?
  12. Good luck with that
  13. It's alright, you can come back to bed now.
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  14. Don't worry the feeling is mutual. Both for extroverts and ENTPs. God don't even get me started on ETNP's.

    You also proved a nice point for us. Extroverts need introverts fare more than visa versa.

    I also find it funny for people that hate how discriminatory this forum tends to be that this thread was posted just goes show the level of hypocrisy. We (INFJ and Introverts) shouldn't complain about SJ's, SP's, NT's, or E's, ecte because its not fair and is bad for the community. But those groups sure will turn right around and do the same thing. And yet no one will say anything and this weill be allowed. And not coined as community destroying. Funny how things happen like that.

    Oh and no this thread doesn't offend me. I find it funny if anything. Especially because of the hypocrisy of such a thread.
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  15. Oh and I must post this.... it be awesome

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  16. And of course as is the INFJ nature

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  17. INFJs? Tolerate?

  18. Chaz remember we tolerate a lot of stupid shit people do. Its par for the course.
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  19. omg u were green and now ur yellow!!!

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