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Discussion in 'Entertainment and Media' started by daydreamer, Aug 4, 2011.

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  1. Who are your favorite characters and what show are they from? It could be from shows you used to like to shows you like now or even from a show you dislike. Mine are:

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    Sakura Haruno from Naruto.
    Dawn Berlitz from Pokemon.
    Stan Marsh from American Dad.
    Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10.
    Cartman from South Park.
    Phil Dumphy from Modern Family.
    Gregory House from House.
    Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons.

    I bet I'll think of more later but this is what I have for now :) So what are yours?
  2. Jayne, Mal and Wash - Firefly (I hate you Serenity... damn you for impaling one of them!!!!)
    Lisa - Simpsons
    Brian - Family Guy
    Ash - Evil Dead/Army of Darkness
    Capt. Jack Aubrey - Master & Commander
    Inigo Montoya - Princess Bride
    Indiana Jones (or Junior) - Duh...
    Han Solo & Boba Fett - Star Warses
    Det. Lennie Briscoe - Law & Order (Yes, I actually did cry when Jerry Orbach died)
    Lt. Columbo - Um... take a guess
    Paulie (Blue-Crowned Conure) - Paulie... yeah, that movie about the parrot.
    Harry - 3rd Rock From the Sun
    Sgt. Angel Batista - Dexter
    "Red" - The Shawshank Redemption
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    Kenpachi Zaraki - Bleach
    Urahara Kisuke - Bleach
    Agent Smith - The Matrix
    Obi-Wan Kenobi - Star Wars
    Djinn - Wishmaster
    Gohan - DBZ
    Connor MacLeod - Highlander
  4. Hon Solo's such a boss!

    Haha spoiler alert!
  5. Michael-The Office
    Michael-Arrested Development
    Flanders- The Simpsons
    Hinata, Naruto, Hitachi, Sai -Naruto
    Ai-Hell Girl
    Larry-Curb Your Enthusiasm (not sure if he is a "character" or not, lol)
    Momo + Kairi - Peach Girl
    Butters <3!- South Park
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  6. -Perry Mason- Perry Mason
    -Piccolo- Dragon Ball Z
    -Evil Anakin- Star Wars

    Not shows but video games

    Zul'Jin- Warcraft
    Kazua Mishima- Tekken
  7. nina sayers. did i mention nina sayers. did i mention nina sayers. oops i think i'm repeating myself again.
  8. Kramer from Seinfeld!
  9. Tommy Pickles - rugrats
    Don Drapper - Mad Mem
    Micheal westen - Burn Notice
    Batman - Batman the animated series
    Joker - Batman the animated series
    Neo - The Matrix
    Platypus Bear - Avatar the Last Air Bender
    Bear - Avatar the Last Air Bender
    Iroh - Avatar the Last Air Bender
  10. Logan.Wolverine. . X-Men
    Archer. . Archer
    Ned. . Pushing Daisies
    Sharif Ali. . Lawrence of Arabia
    Agustus McCray. . Lonesome Dove
    Jack Dawson. . Titanic
    Capt. Bill Tyne. . Perfect Storm
    Rose. .Titanic
    V, , V for Vendetta
    Beavis. .
  11. Elijah Price / Mr Glass - Unbreakable
  12. Wile E. Coyote - Road Runner
  13. Jack Shephard / Lost
    Jim Halpert / The Office
    Shawn Spencer / Psych
    Chuck Bartowski / Chuck
    Tom Hansen / (500) Days of Summer
    Amelie / Amelie
    Beatrix Kiddo / Kill Bill
    Tyler Durden / Fight Club

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  14. Yessss!^^ I like Gus too.^_^
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  15. Oh boy! Where do I begin lol.

    Scooby - Scooby Doo
    Usagi/Serena/Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon
    Rei/Raye/Sailor Mars -Sailor Moon
    Goku - Dragon Ball/Z/GT
    Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z/GT
    Gohan - Dragon Ball Z/GT
    Piccolo - Dragon Ball/Z/GT
    Pikachu :D - Pokemon
    Monica Gellar- Friends
    Chandler Bing- Friends
    Hermione Granger- Harry Potter Series
    Ron Weasley- Harry Potter Series
    Harry Potter - Harry Potter Series
    Minerva McGonagall - Harry Potter Series
    Albus Dumbledore - Harry Potter Series
    Severus Snape - Harry Potter Series
    "GOB" - Arrested Development
    Michael Bluth - Arrested Development
    Lucille Bluth - Arrested Development
    Tobias Funke - Arrested Development
    Rachel Berry - Glee
    Noah "Puck" Puckerman - Glee
    Sue Sylvester - Glee
    Gregory House - House
    James Wilson - House
    Robert Chase - House
    Aaron Hotchner - Criminal Minds
    Jason Gideon - Criminal Minds
    Emily Prentiss - Criminal Minds
    Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds
    Barney Stinson - How I Met Your Mother
    Mashall Erikson - How I Met Your Mother
    Patrick Jane - The Mentalist
    Jean Grey - X Men franchise
    Wolverine - X Men franchise

    Hmmm, that's it for now xD. Sorry for making a long list.
  16. Dwight Schrute-The Office
    Dr. Gregory House-House
    Dr. Cal Lightman-Lie to Me
    Rachel Berry-Glee
    Sue Sylvester- Glee
    Dale Gribble-King of the Hill
    Lisa Simpson-The Simpsons
    Stewie-Family Guy
    Gohan-Dragonball Z
    Master Roshi-Dragonball Z
    Tobias Furke-Arrested Development
    Donna-That 70's Show
    Sailor Moon/Serena and Sailor Venus-Sailor Moon
    Ichigo/Lettuce: Tokyo Mew Mew
    Hermione Granger-Harry Potter
    Severus Snape:Harry Potter
    Remus Lupin: Harry Potter
    Luna Lovegood: Harry Potter
    Ed-Full Metal Alchemist
    George Lopez-George Lopez
    Charlie-It's always sunny in Philadelphia
    Dr. Cox-Scrubs

    Just to name a few... XD
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  17. Adding more...

    Jean Valjean - Les Miserables
    Bob Cratchit - A Christmas Carol
    Iago - Othello
    Bishop - Aliens
    Sam Quint - Jaws (R.I.P. Robert Shaw :()
    Leon - The Professional
    General Bethlehem - The Postman
    Mani (otherwise known as the ass-kicking Indian) - Brotherhood of the Wolf
    Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir Lancelot - Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    Tim the Enchanter - Monty Python again
    George Jetson - Family Guy's variation that is...
    Launchpad McQuack - Ducktales/Darkwing Duck
    Shipwreck - G.I. Joe
    Soundwave - Transformers (cartoon)
    Unicron - Transformers the Movie
    HK-47 - Knights of the Old Republic

    And now, after seeing this list, I think I need therapy...
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  18. Rincewind - The Colour of Majic [as well as several Discworld books]
    September - Fringe
    Dr Daniel Jackson - Stargate SG-1
    Vala - Stargate SG-1
    Baal - Stargate SG-1

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