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Enneagram Type - 4w3

Discussion in 'Enneagram' started by atree, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Anyone else an "Aristocrat"?

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  2. no you're the only one
  3. Ronrery... Oh so ronrey!
  4. tdht, i'm not sure if this is useful or not but I think you use deductive reasoning quite frequently, and that's a quality of enneagram type 1's
  5. It's interesting to note that people pick up on this. Good eye, April.

    For a while, I admit I thought I was a 1. I do have an all-or-nothing perspective and I do like to have things laid out and orderly, but I'm nearly not as rigid, nor is my motivation is maintaining integrity or finding a higher calling.

    It's interesting that there are quite a few 4's on the forum, but they all seem to lean into a 5 wing. I wonder what internal process or experience is responsible for tipping someone into one direction over another...

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  6. I posted a thread about a website I found a while ago called PTypes. The website isn't really to be taken seriously; but, it matched up each MBTI personality type with an Enneagram type. INFJ was paired with 4w.5 and INFP was paired with 4w.3. Not that that's definitive, but I'm a 4w.5 and two INFPs I know are 4w.3's. They are much more success oriented than I am, and the Aristocrat description fits my INFP sister to a tee. Maybe it's a more common type among NFP's.

    The personality descriptions do match well in my perspective, but I seem to be a stereotypical INFJ.
  7. I've got all the unhealthy traits of 3, 4 and 5. Well, I'm 4w5 but when I extrovert if only for a little while I start leaning towards 3.
  9. I thought I was 4w3 but just tested again:

    1 with so variant

    I'm not even sure if this is the same test...hmm.
  10. Hmmmm....

    (adds again to sig)
  11. To me, that all says 4w3 or 3w4 and a tri-type of 3-6-9. Were you thinking something different?
  12. so/sx 3w4-6w5-1w2
  13. Short and sweet and straight to the point. I think I love you.

    Thank you for your insight :)

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