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Differences between INFJ and ENFJ

Discussion in 'Psychology and MBTI' started by INFJok, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. What's the difference between INFJ and ENFJ? (besides the fact that one is extroverted)

    I've heard those 2 can impact people hugely, but it would be good to here from others!

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  2. ENFJs are a bit more accommodating than INFJs in my experience, since Fe is their dominate function instead of Ni. ENFJs are probably the most friendly out of all types.
  3. INFJs will naturally seem like INTJs a good deal of the time -- especially the males.

    You'll see INFJs repressing or giving full rein to Se, whereas with ENFJ it's Ti.

    There's this weird relationship with the Tertiary that people can appear to be the type with that Dominant function plus the inverse of the original Dominant as the Auxiliary: INFJs come to love Ti so much they seem INTP; ENFJs will focus so much on Se they will seem ESFP.

    ISTP is the non-dominating half of the INFJ brain, ESTP for ENFJs. There's this really weird relationship I have with certain ISTPs that's comfortable to an eerie level. It's because of the aforementioned. I suspect INFJs and ESTPs are more likely to clash, but healthy ISTPs should fit really nicely.
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  4. I'm INFJ, mother's ENFJ, sister's ESTP - the same four functions, just ordered differently.

    The ENFJ is too giving, too forgiving, too kind; people use her kindness, and when voices any people-related frustration she'll say things like "that probably sounds mean", and i'd reply "Not really, they'd deserve it." - Always tell me that I should "get out and socialize more", which I consider "going out of my way to meet people that I neither know nor care about.." to be "a complete waste of my time." She has this propensity to "do things the hard way", making things far more difficult than what they need to be, then complains about it. She's similar to the ESTP with money, but not nearly as bad; they both have the tendency to splurge money spur-of-the-moment-like.

    I notice that I almsot always consider the future and the potential impact(s) of my actions before anything else factors in; before other people's well-being; before spending money, etc.

    The biggest variable between the two of us that I can see, is that the ENFJ is too accommodating, too giving, too selfless. I think it's admirable, but foolish. I can be very giving and caring, but i'll know if someone is "deserving of my efforts" and i'll always make that distinction - the ENFJ will just help anyone and then complain to me about being used.

    The ESTP is quite the opposite, she's far too selfish, spontaneous and has no grasp on the value of money. Those two clash a lot because it's a give-give-give/take-take-take relationship. I don't clash with either because i'm rather tolerant, but if they encroached on my personal space too often then i'd slowly begin to display external aggitation and frustration.
  5. INFJs have a preference for tackling situations with Ni, and tend to use Fe to support it. ENFJs have a preference for tackling situations with Fe, and tend to use Ni to support it.

    Also, this:
    INFJs are more typically herp derp with their extroverted sensing. INFJs are more like smooth and gliding while lacking sharp control, and ENFJs are somewhat less like this, having a better idea of how to physically control their environment. ENFJs are typically more herp derp with logic. While they have a sense of logic, they lack control over that mental faculty, if that makes sense.
  6. So basically ENFJs are free-fallers when it comes to their Fe which is why they go out of their way to be accommodating, whereas INFJs use their Ni which governs their Fe so their emotions are acted out 2nd hand and logic overrules them.
    Does that sound right?
  7. A pretty good example is subwayrider's extensive drug abuse and episodic sexual promiscuity...most noteworthy in his younger days. I see the relationship with the inferior as "fetishy" and, until it's developed properly, all-or-nothing...out-of-control -- like a woman attempting to ride a bucking bronco to orgasm.

    Some ENFPs I know get pretty hung up on material possession. One ENTP I know, her love of science and progress notwithstanding, strictly adheres to her family's traditional religious beliefs.

    The contradictions in us all, most readily embodied in the early relationship between Dominant and Inferior.

    /personal construction of two-story MB edifice using inalienable, basic principles for sturdy foundation
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  8. ENFJs fall to extremes and have more trouble keeping themselves together and keeping consistent (very weak Ti). They set goals for themselves and organize their lives around them. They are very stubborn in achieving these goals and may resort to questionable methods. This makes them somewhat more manipulative than INFJs. They have more energy than INFJs, usually larger circles of friends and contacts, more likely to be managers of large groups/departments (INFJs usually don't have sufficient drive and extroversion, so if they manage anything it's only smaller groups). ENFJs dominant in rational function Fe are more directed, linear, and determined. Their dominant Fe has a global outlook so it is common for ENFJs to have notions and ideas about uniting all the people. They are more aware of their surroundings due to stronger Se. They are also more restless and have more energy than INFJs, but this can lead them to exhaustion and even becoming ill as they wear themselves out. This is a good ENFJ profile.

    INFJs aren't in habit of organizing their lives around goals, rather they look at their present capabilities and options, and see what they can do in the near future. They are dominant in Ni which is irrational function, so as irrational types they don't have as much direction as ENFJs and are prone to bouncing around life not really knowing what they want or who they are. Due to Ni dominance, INFJs have an extended view of time that spans years, decades, centuries, which also makes them prone to wasting time and feeling like everything is pointless. Where ENFJ would spring to action, INFJ remains inert, so one can say that they are less effective and productive than ENFJs. As introverts they pay more attention to hidden, implicit factors in interaction and thus may notice things that extroverted personalities don't notice. Their Fe has only auxiliary, supportive role, thus they harmonize relations in some given situations, for small groups of friends or family, but don't harbor notions of global character like ENFJs do of uniting all the people of the world. They are usually more stable and peaceful than ENFJs, but also not as proactive and energetic. INFJs are more likely to be the power behind the throne while ENFJs are more likely to try to occupy the throne.

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