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Could someone help me figure out my type?

Discussion in 'Psychology and MBTI' started by Gwena, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm Gwena. I joined this website because I love INFJs. Though I have a problem. I've been trying to figure out my type for around 4 years so far and I haven't made any progress. Events that have made trying to find my type difficult include having abusive parents, being suicidal/depressed for more than half my life, and being a teenager. It's hard to know whether I'm looping or in the grip of my inferior half the time.

    I cannot resist helping others no matter how tired I am, or how much I need help myself. One of my personal values includes helping others whenever they need help. I think in our world, we need to have more sympathy towards others. Though to be honest, I don't really give a damn about others. I'm fairly apathetic towards everyone, I just want to do the right thing in order to achieve inner peace. I find that if I do something morally wrong, even if my mind doesn't realize it, my conscience impairs my ability to focus on other tasks. I have around 70 moral and behavior rules dedicated to doing what I consider to be the right thing.

    Nothing disgusts me more than people who invalidate other people's feelings and/or experiences. People who decide that others are oversensitive for reacting to anyone get on my nerves. If I hurt someone, even if I didn't mean to, I always will apologize. This has stemmed from people deeming me as oversensitive or insane from being very emotional/depressed when I was in 8th grade even though I was going through depression and attempted suicide. Nobody showed any sympathy towards me even though it was quite obvious in my opinion.

    I'm somewhat of a sociable misanthrope. I absolutely love interacting with others and discovering their stories, quirks, etc. I find most of the people around me kind of shitty but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy interacting with them. I hate talking about anything personal though but yeah.

    I'm somewhat escapist. I used to be obsessed with the Harry Potters series and various other fantasy novels and I remember daydreaming about them quite frequently. I loved fanfiction and literature analysis essays. Because of this, along with having abusive parents (both of them are ESFJs), I had rather terrible social skills when I was younger. I used to hit people all the time (I meant for it to be playful) and make inappropriate/weird jokes. Also, I remember I really wanted to belong to this one group and they used to call me a stalker even though I just wanted to talk to some people. Because of this experience, I decided to try to avoid making other people feel excluded. I don't understand how people can do that though since it's so awkward and kinda mean. I like making other people feel like they belong but only when I deem them worthy of it.

    I believe in using shock effect to make others pay attention to what I'm saying. I love getting attention. I am a proud attention whore but I don't do just anything to get attention. That would be inauthentic. I put a bit of myself into everything I do. I try to make things me.

    I've always been wanting to impact the world and be remembered forever. I have 10 planning journals dedicated to exactly what I want out of life. I don't believe in short term goals because everything adds up in the end. The future is a beautiful thing that gives me hope that one day, I'll live a better life.

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  2. Based on what you said I would guess/type you as INFJ or ENFJ.
  3. Seems ESFJ to me.
  4. Maybe INFJ...?
  5. How so? I think I'm definitely a N, not sure if I use Ni or Ne.
  6. Sounds like a lot of ENFJs I have known.
  7. While I'm not sure about the type, there seems to be a lot of Fi there. I also see you as more extroverted than introverted so I'll go with ExFP.
  8. Yeah, I think I'm much more of an Fi user than an Fe user. All my moral rules stem from my own personal experiences and feelings. But then I'm such a huge planner about everything... I don't see myself as very TJish though.
  9. How so?
  10. Where do you see the Fe?
  11. Here you go
  12. How is that Fe though? Sorry if I seem like I'm attacking you, just curious.
  13. Because of pretty much everything you described. The ones I've known like using shock effect to get attention and obviously enjoy being sociable, but then in private they tell me about how much they really hate people and that they are superficial, selfish, greedy and ignorant, etc.
  14. Are you trying to figure out your mbti type, or the kind of men you want to date?
  15. From the things you said that is where I got my conclusion from. You just seem like a shining example of one.
  16. The Extroverted Feeler (Fe) needs a direct cue of action to see how a person feels. Hence, in such a case he would look at the person’s eyebrows, lips, body language and other aspects of physiognomy to determine how the person feels. One shall ask, why does the Extroverted Feeler have such ideas concerning determining the other person’s subjective Feelings. This is because he accepts external entities by default.

    Your statement is indicative of having empathy when see others emotionally harmed. You recognize how the person being harmed feels and are effected internally by it. I.E. you feel disgusted, annoyed, or apologetic.

    You may want to take this test for introversion/extroversion. It's not a Jung or MBTI, but it will tell you. You also may wish to save the results for reference later.
  17. Hmm I see. How are they like in private?
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  18. Lol what? I'm just describing my personality.
  19. Hmm I'm not sure. I never really feel how others are feeling. I'll go take that test.
  20. Oh okay, yeah I feel you.

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