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Best Physical Exercise for INFJ's?

Discussion in 'Health and Wellness' started by Seraffa, Feb 18, 2011.

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  1. I am too lazy tonight to go to my storage space and go through my boxes of books since first moving here. But now that I am sure I am an an INFJ - will someone please provide an exerpt of that book out there written for best exercises for the 16 different personality types, and launch a discussion if you've had any success following the suggestions in the book? Thanks. :)

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  2. I think the best kind of exercise is the one that tones and defines muscles, provides sufficient endorphins for success, and sheds off calories and unwanted fat.
  3. Sex? Yes.
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  4. I like doing anaerobic exercise like lifting weights.
  5. Yes!

    I just bought a treadmill because its most convient for me, but I would love an aerobic exercise I could do outdoors.
  6. Whatever kind is best for you, I'd assume. I don't think that the best excercise veries from type to type, but it's more about your own personal preferences. I suppose that could make a few excercises preferable to the majority of certain types, but this seems like a case-to-case kind of thing to me.

    But then, given my laziness I can't really say too much else about excercise xD
  7. Walking, cycling, Ni likes them. And my body, too.
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  8. I do a lot of fast walking while lost in contemplation, I mean hours worth every day.
  9. Gotta try this. I normally just sit in a more-comfortable-than-usual place and get lost, but your idea sounds healthier.
  10. Swimming is good. But then, you've got to share a pool and the edges are really unhygenic (the reason I stopped after going for years).
    Walking is good.
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  11. I think I saw more type suggestions somewhere else on the forum, but I'm running off to work. This was what I could find in a quick search:

    Exercise Fitness - MBTI
  12. Yeah...As Tovlo's link sais. Best in a solitary environment. I love being able to work out and keep fit on my own without interruptions. I like this so much that I prefer going out for a jog at about 10:00pm when no one is around at all. :)
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  13. You found it!!!

    Thanks...yes! that's the book I have. No wonder I flee the gym. Now this inspires me to have a few different walking paths out in the wilderness, somewhere. The mountains and streams here are incredible - and I always want my excercise to have that spiritual element to it.
  14. :)

    THAT exercise was always a given, in my mind :))))))))) In fact, my last guy used to tease me about us "training for the sexual olympics" with him as coach, since he really did coach some teams once he couldn't play rugby or squash anymore. I'd die for those days again.
  15. In choosing an exercise regime, I think your body type is more important than your personality type.

    My INFJ wife is a physician and she thinks any exercise is vastly superior to no exercise. So, find some activities you enjoy enough so that you will do them consistently with persistence. Having fun is a good part of successful exercising.
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  16. i would say jogging (especially outside) and rowing are two of my favourites
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  17. Dance was always mine.

    I think the most important thing is finding something that you enjoy doing, rather than something you have to force yourself to do.
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  18. Are you serious?

    the best exercise to stay in shape for any type would be cardio, with some resistance training to elevate your metabolism.

    My suggestion would be pushups/pullups for the muscles

    and HIIT training for the cardio.
  19. I prefer LISS because I can actually think while doing it.
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  20. ...obviously this person was curious. No need to make them feel like a jerk for asking a question.

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