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Atheist INFJs?

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by cercatricedesogni, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Anyone?

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  2. Do you have faith in anything?
  3. I have faith in plenty of things. While I can't seem to connect deeply with many people as I have no patience for the preliminary small talk that typically goes into starting a relationship, (funny how that works), I have faith in humanity as a whole. We can be hugely compassionate and are generally fascinating. I'm interested in Buddhism and Paganism as moral guidelines, though I do think that ethics and morality are rather more fluid than that.
  4. Technically speaking I am an atheist; in that I don't believe in any God(s). That being said, I am an agnostic; in that I don't disbelieve in any God(s).
  5. Very similar here. I can neither prove nor disprove the exsistence of god but because of the amount of death I have dealt with in my life I can understand why some might choose to believe in god.
  6. i consider myself to be atheist in that i believe that there is no god. but i do experience a "religious" spirituality through art.
  7. Atheist how? Do I believe in an old guy sitting on a cloud somewhere watching over all of us? Nope, don't believe in that!

    Do I believe in ghost stories about dead people coming back to life and saving our souls? Nope, not that either.

    Do I believe in a universally binding force from which everything is born and will return? Bingo!
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  8. Agnostic atheist here.
  9. Utterly fantastic. I'm glad I'm not alone here, then.
  10. Why do you identify most strongly with this characteristic?, more than your other characteristics? It seems strange to me to identify ourselves by what we are not rather than what we are.
  11. I don't identify *most* strongly with this particular characteristic, but it is a relatively less common one to have and I was merely wondering if anyone else shared it here.
  12. i used to be an atheist but some years ago i started having spiritual experiences. Today i will define myself as a pagan
  13. I used to be agnostic, I can understand the feeling.

    Atheists, do you absolutely reject the possibility of anything beyond ourselves existing?

    Do you believe there can be no spiritual quality represented in our existence?
  14. I don't completely reject the possibility, but I feel fairly certain.

    I also think that there are *certainly* aspects of my life in which I experience a sort of spirituality, but nothing connected to a God.
  15. "Gods" are only symbols, there are manifestations of natural and spiritual phenomena. They are personifications of Human feelings, ideals and our own inner power
  16. I don't think that that is what most people think of when they think of a "God". They are thinking of a literal consciousness that can directly intervene in day to day life.
  17. sometimes i hang atheist infjs by the neck from the back of my ford f-150 turbocharge. on the ground i lay a mixture of crushed glass bible verses, and rusted nails all blended into perfect and i just drag them

    you know,

    kind of like a cigarette.
  18. they can intervene, its kind of complicated xd
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  19. I'm not interested in beliefs(theist/atheist), I'm more interested in knowing. Since I don't know the existence of god(s), the only reasonable position I can take at this point is agnosticism.

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